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  • Nadi Sodhana Day 9

    Today i felt this clean smooth sensation during my inhale on the left side.  I looked forward to that side during each breath.  My thoughts were very runny today and I kept looking at the time.  Maybe I will practice it again later to relax down into it.

  • Day 8 of Nadi Sodhana

    Well I can’t remember if I did Nadi Sodhana twice today.  I think I just did it once but I’m not sure.  I actually have been very busy today.  I work with emotionally disturbed children and one of them was kicking me throughout the day.  So I just was working on defending myself throughout the […]

  • Day 9 of Nadi Shodhana

    Well I’m not very busy at all today so I took some extra minutes to practice Nadi Sodhana… Some times its spelled Shodhana because in English we need clues for sh vs. s sounds.  Anyways, the extra time allowed me to really enjoy the experience.  It was relaxing and peaceful.  However, I still have this […]

  • Day 7 and 8 of Nadi Sodhana

    I have been busy!!!  Yesterday it was so busy at work that I tried to get a kid to practice Nadi Sodhana with me.  He only took a few breaths and then laughed at me.  But then my day went so fast that I practiced around 3 and forgot to blog about it.  Today was […]

  • Day 6 of Nadi Sodhana

    WEll this is going to be another quick one.  I practiced Nadi Sodhana right after breakfast this morning which I think wasn’t such a good idea.  My body was half focused on digesting and my mind is kinda wandering while Sebastien was washing the dishes.  During the beginning I immediately felt my body relax a […]

  • Day 5 of Nadi Sodhana

    Hi Good Morning… A good Friday morning!!!  I feel productive today.  More productive then I have this whole week.  Practicing Nadi Sodhana is becoming a little easier and I’m starting to look forward to it.  I actually closed my eyes and didn’t open them till about 1 minute was left in my scheduled practice.  That […]

  • Day 4 of Nadi Sodhana

    I am feeling better today and I haven’t taken any medication.  I still have this dull pain in my forehead but its bearable.  My memory hasn’t been working as well was usually.  Which isn’t saying much.  For example, I couldn’t remember where I had placed $600.00 worth of checks.  To find out that I had […]

  • Day 3 of Nadi Sodhana

    I was so sick yesterday night and this morning that I didn’t go to work.  I have been getting migraines really bad and yesterday’s was the worst.  It lasted all night and well into today.  I ended up taking some Ibuprofen which has seemed to help.  So I didn’t practice Nadi Sodhana today till 2:00pm.  […]

  • Nadi Sodhana day 2.

    Well, I almost forgot today.    But thanks to Sebastien and talking about blogging for a living, I remembered.  Today I feel off because I woke-up with an awful sore throat and feeling like I was coming down with something.     I actually fell asleep at my desk for a minute.  Yes… I was at work.  Not good!  But […]

  • 45 Day Diary of Nadi Sodhana

    Nadi Sodhana, otherwise known as alternating nostril breathing, is a breathing exercise that is said to improve well being and concentration.  Click here to find out more….. For my yoga certification my yoga facilitator, K. Lee, challenged us to do Nadi Sodhana for 45 days.  I have procastinated for about  6 months but am ready to […]