45 Day Diary of Nadi Sodhana

Nadi Sodhana, otherwise known as alternating nostril breathing, is a breathing exercise that is said to improve well being and concentration.  Click here to find out more…..

For my yoga certification my yoga facilitator, K. Lee, challenged us to do Nadi Sodhana for 45 days.  I have procastinated for about  6 months but am ready to start today (10/13/08).  I am going to try to completed it by 10 am on each day.  Today I did 5 minutes of Nadi Sodhana at work.  Immediately I noticed my thoughts racing from what I need to do to what I did this past weekend to everywhere else.  Even about writing this blog.  I will say that the time seemed to go by normaly.  After I was done I tried to sit for a minute and relax but my brain was pushing me to write things down.   I will keep documenting my experience and would love if others would shared theirs with me!  Thanks!  Namaste – Tina