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Nadi Sodhana Day 9

Today i felt this clean smooth sensation during my inhale on the left side.  I looked forward to that side during each breath.  My thoughts were very runny today and I kept looking at the time.  Maybe I will practice it again later to relax down into it.

Day 8 of Nadi Sodhana

Well I can’t remember if I did Nadi Sodhana twice today.  I think I just did it once but I’m not sure.  I actually have been very busy today.  I work with emotionally disturbed children and one of them was kicking me throughout the day.  So I just was working on defending myself throughout the day till I got to yoga.  And there, as i was waiting for people to settle in, I practiced my nadi sodhana.  It was relaxing and a great way to start my yoga practice.  I would like to get back to completing it before 10 am.. but maybe that will happen next week.

Day 9 of Nadi Shodhana

Well I’m not very busy at all today so I took some extra minutes to practice Nadi Sodhana… Some times its spelled Shodhana because in English we need clues for sh vs. s sounds.  Anyways, the extra time allowed me to really enjoy the experience.  It was relaxing and peaceful.  However, I still have this aching and sometimes sharp pain in my back.  I haven’t been standing or sitting up very straight lately mainly because I feel defeated and drained so that doesn’t help.  But this weekend I don’t have anything that I have to do…  Sebastien and I are going skydiving (thats what he got me for my birthday) so I will DEFINATLY be using Nadi Sodhana to calm my nerves before and after take off..


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