Nadi Sodhana day 2.

Well, I almost forgot today.    But thanks to Sebastien and talking about blogging for a living, I remembered.  Today I feel off because I woke-up with an awful sore throat and feeling like I was coming down with something.     I actually fell asleep at my desk for a minute.  Yes… I was at work.  Not good!  But practicing Nadi Sodhana is suppose to help all this…

So the first thing I noticed when I started my breathing was that my right side was much more congested then my left.  How I came to that conclusion was because when I breathed in on the left side I felt that my whole body was blowing up.  But on the right side it felt constricted. 

I should note that I am also practicing bioenergeticsand I am doing some work in my chest and throat area.  This area has been very tight and I am beginning to recognize that this tightness can be traced back into childhood.  I hope that Nadi Sodhana will help some of that stuff too.  

Other than the differences in my breathing I feel about the same.  I have a little more energy and am impressed that I finished this post in a reasonable amount of time.  So my concentration seems to be better as well.