Day 3 of Nadi Sodhana

I was so sick yesterday night and this morning that I didn’t go to work.  I have been getting migraines really bad and yesterday’s was the worst.  It lasted all night and well into today.  I ended up taking some Ibuprofen which has seemed to help.  So I didn’t practice Nadi Sodhana today till 2:00pm.  I felt anxious before starting and could feel my heart racing throughout the exercise.  My throat and body feel better than yesterday.  I don’t feel as sick but I have a migraine in its place.   Maybe this breathing is loosening some bad junk up there and its trying to get out.  Last night my brain felt like if it could just cry it would relieve some of the pressure… I tried but it didn’t come out.  Maybe tomorrow will be better still.  Lets hope.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);