Month: May 2008

  • Finding Balance On and Off the Yoga Mat

    This is an article about one of my yoga instructors. I relate to it because I am realizing that yoga is so much more than asana’s.. Its a wonderful journey! Elka’s story Yoga is an ancient practice that creates a sense of unity between the mind, body and spirit. It brings balance that we can […]

  • Yogi, Take Me to a Higher Place

    WHEN Raquel Prieto moved from Northampton, Mass., to Boston in January, there was one thing she sought as urgently as an affordable living situation and a job: an advanced yoga class.

  • Difference between east and west

    When it comes to healing here are some differences: East– Focus on the emptiness, feel dissatisfaction and imperfection, go deeper into the painful places. West– Heal and feill the emptiness, develop character, strengthen the ego… What do you think?

  • Yoga and Mental Health

    Yoga is a four-thousand-year-old psychology developed in India.  It is the oldest system of personal development in the world.  Yoga is an effective, natural remedy for mental health issues.  Through a combination of simple breathing techniques, postures, movements and deep relaxation, you can help your patients become calmer and more centered.  Basic mindfulness helps cultivate […]

  • Warning : Yoga and horoscopes can lead to possession by Devil

    It is a physical workout enjoyed by millions and its devotees include Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sting. But yoga enthusiasts have been warned by a leading Roman Catholic clergyman that they are in danger of being possessed by the Devil.

  • One little word…

    How is it that one little word can produce so much anxiety, excitement, joy, sadness, peace, and hatred.  For the past few weeks, I have been thinking of this word, more specifically this one sentence, roughly 75% of the time.  It plays out in my head over and over and I almost feel like I […]

  • Wii Fit’s Magic: Turning Work into Fun

    Video games have always seduced us with fantasy. Whether you play a carjacker in Grand Theft Auto or a mad scientist in The Sims, you can forget your worries as you plot your path to glory.

  • Spanish

    This spanish class has really brought up a lot of insecurities for me. I was NOT good in academics. In my elementary and high schools there were three tracks. Honors, average, slower, then special people. I had a hard time learning concepts at the same speed as everyone else so I was put in the […]

  • A mixture of whats to come and what is..

    I think that there are some people that you meet and you feel a very strong connection to and then there are those people that happen to be in your life (like family) and they are there for a reason. But sometimes those reasons are hard to know. There are people, like my sister, whom […]

  • Dharma returns

    So I am taking a children’s yoga certification class through yoga well/progressive therapies and this weeks homework was to find a children’s nursery rhyme and make it fit for children in a yoga class.  In the last class we had to list three songs we remembered from our youth.  I spoke about a time when […]