Dharma returns

So I am taking a children’s yoga certification class through yoga well/progressive therapies and this weeks homework was to find a children’s nursery rhyme and make it fit for children in a yoga class.  In the last class we had to list three songs we remembered from our youth.  I spoke about a time when I was playing the our backyard and began singing “ring a-round the Rosy.”  Then I heard other children singing it and thought to myself… “I started a new song and everyone knows it.”  I truly thought that I had made up “ring a round the rosy.” 

So today I was looking for nursery rhymes online to complete my homework assignment.  When I stumbled on this article from www.hinduwebsite.com/hinduisn/essays/rosy.asp by Richard Stoney.

Basically is said that the nursery rhyme “Rina a-round the Rosy” owes its existence to the mythology of  Shiva (god of Destruction).  In a story about Shiva’s role as Natara’ja (Dance King” and Kapa’lin “adorned with Skulls” that he uses his Dance to re-energize life and the cosmos.  And it said… “It is in both roles that he represents the inseparability between life and death, and therefore, reincarnation.”….   

Did I make up “ring a-round the ” in some other life?  It feels like the truth.  More and more I sense that things are lining up in my life.  

Like yesterday.. I finally got to the gym and got myself on my favorite elliptical (because there is a tv with it) and started flipping through the stations.  I love options!  So Opra was on and I caught the section of a person under hypnosis and recalling a past life experience.  This man, in his past life, had watched a woman get rapped and then was killed by someone who caught him.  Under hypnosis he made the connection that the woman (whom he didn’t know during that life) was actually his sister in his life now.  It was very moving and though they didn’t discuss dharma— it was obvious that this man was fullfilling his destiny.   I sometimes wonder how people’s priorities would change if we all subscribed to the idea of reincarnation.    



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  1. semantic database on May 14th, 2008 5:30 pm

    Do you think we already were together in another life? 🙂

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