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Finding Yourself Through Yoga Classes

There are a variety of vedic books on yoga that inform the reader how to
recognize their own destiny in life, but when an individual joins a yoga
class, then they are able to get a much better understanding of what yoga
really represents. Yoga is self realization of finding your own self and
getting it all together basically.

Sometimes an individual may be in the middle of an environment that is
completely full of negative energy, which may be caused by their spouse,
room mate, co-worker, parent, or friend. For the individuals’ very own
health they should remove themselves from this type of situation, but often
times they are drawn to this person simply because they care for them. For a
situation such a this the true source of negative energy within this
personal needs to be located, then it needs to be addressed.

One of the many benefits of the practice of yoga is empowerment and in the
Bhakti Yoga empowerment is a type of ritual that a guru gives bestows an
enlightened presence to bless the mind and soul of a student that has been
devoted. There are times when a student has been so devoted throughout life
that a deity is called upon to bless and nurture the student, then as a
result of this blessing the student is able to help and teach others. In
some parts of the world today, this type of empowerment is still practiced
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Teachings Of Yoga Found In Vedic Books And Other Sources

Almost in every single retail book store within the world you can find a
variety of vedic books on the teaching of Yoga. Some of these books may have
a combination of views, which surround the ancient practice and the more
modern practice that is used today, but they will all be filled fascinating

Individuals that learn the practice of yoga have found that it has help to
build up their self esteem as well as help with their physical and mental
capabilities. Studies have shown that the practice of yoga can even help
slow down the aging process that has been caused by self induced through the
way the individual has lived their life in the passed. The deterioration of
cells can be significantly decreased within a body that is clean, flexible,
and balanced, which one can be if an individual is practicing yoga

A combination of yoga asana, yoga pranayama, and meditation must be
practiced to get the maximum benefits that your body needs to fight serious
ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritus, arteriosclerosis,
asthma, heart conditions, digestive disorders, varicose veins, and even
fatigue. There have been a variety of scientific tests that have been
completed on the study of yoga to see exactly what effects the practicing of
yoga can have on the health of an individual. Some of these tests have
proven that yoga can help the individual in controlling their temperature,
blood pressure, and heartbeat. Read more

Yoga-wear to fit the body-mind-wallet

Yoga is all about losing your ego, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some
snazzy yoga duds when you head off to class. Look at your search for a new
yoga outfit as an exercise in reconciling your consumerist leanings with
your karmic aspirations.

Plus your new duds will make you feel better, which, after all, is the
reason you work out, right? Let’s face it. Today’s economic news is enough
to make you want to grab all the nattering nabobs of negativism, the
purveyors of pessimism, and toss them and their media of choice out the
window: the radio, the TV set, the computer. (But please – keep the

There’s a fine line between being a realist and a Debbie Downer. These days,
we’re trying – when we’re not contemplating counting pennies and canceling
credit cards – to focus on the positive. Change your mind, change your life.
Or change your clothes and change your mood. Or something to that effect.
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Yoga for the whole family

Yoga is supposed to be about achieving complete relaxation. So what happens
if you combine it with babies and small children – or a bulging belly?

With the exception of one toddler who kept trying to escape upstairs, three
mothers and six children ranging in age from three months to eight years
recently enjoyed a peaceful yoga class in Woodbury.

Sisters Mikayla and Miranda Golino, who are 8 and 6, respectively, walked on
their hands into a downward-facing dog pose alongside their little brother,
Mason, 2, and their mother, Michelle, who held newborn, Max. The women and
children were sampling a class led by Michelle Wenis at Woodbury Yoga

Wenis, who moved to Woodbury from Danbury about a year ago, has teamed up
with the almost 25-year-old yoga center to offer a series of “family yoga”
classes this fall. The courses include prenatal yoga, the Bradley Method of
natural childbirth (which Wenis teaches with her husband), baby & me,
toddler & me and young kids yoga.

Wenis, 35, was once an adrenaline sports junkie who went rock climbing and
snowboarding. When she got pregnant with her first of two sons, she sought a
less dangerous activity to stay in shape.

“Swimming would have been great but I didn’t have access to a pool,” she
said. “I hardly thought yoga was for me, but when I started to get into it,
I realized it’s for everyone. Yoga helped me center and focus. Childbirth
really is a turning point in women’s lives. It just feels wonderful to stay
fit and to have women come together in a group.”

She started Green Woman Yoga & Childbirth five years ago after she left her
job in the hotel and relocation industries. Until her recent move, she
taught at different locations in Fairfield County.

Janaki Pierson, co-founder and director at Woodbury Yoga Center said the
nonprofit yoga and meditation studio has offered such classes in the past
but this is the first concerted effort at a program.

“Half the people on our board of directors have young kids and many of them
are looking for ways to present spirituality to their children,” said
Pierson. In the downstairs studio, which features a large open, carpeted
floor and a wall of windows facing the woods, there are photos, paintings,
tapestries and sculptures representing Christianity, Buddhism and Kabbalah,
among other beliefs the center strives to represent.

“Yoga is a way of maintaining balance and harmony. Children come into this
world with it but the negative influences of our culture can counteract that
and make them anxious,” Pierson said. “This is a way for them to slow down
and be in the present moment.”

As she looked across the room at Wenis telling the kids to “be a big red
balloon” and rock back and forth while holding knees to chest, Pierson said
yoga is also a good way for kids to use their imaginations. New Milford
resident Melissa Pergola, who came to the class for the first time, said
practicing yoga with her 2-year-old son, Joseph, helps teach him the concept
of “circle time” and focusing on instructions from a teacher.

Michelle Golino of Oxford agreed. “Anything that gets them in a group
session like this calms them down,” she said.

Dr. S. Mark Albini, chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology
and chief of staff at Saint Mary’s Hospital, said prenatal yoga, like any
exercise program during pregnancy, requires that the person who is teaching
the class be skilled and that participants be aware of any pain that would
require they stop.

“I think it definitely helps with relaxation,” Albini said of prenatal yoga.
“We find in general that women who exercise during their pregnancies have
easier labors. It also increases overall strength and flexibility and some
studies show it reduces lower back pain and sciatica and fatigue in the back
and neck area. Some people believe it reduces swelling and inflammation
around the joints. It’s not been well studied in pregnant women, but it
improves emotional well being and aids digestion.”

Dr. Clare Ventre, a Waterbury obstetrician-gynecologist, said she encourages
pregnant women to practice yoga if they are interested in it. “We just
advise that if they are using a yoga tape at home that they use one
specifically for pregnancy because some of the maneuvers, later in
pregnancy, like lying flat on your back could be potentially harmful,”
Ventre said. Read more

What Is Yoga And Is It Different From Pilates

Yoga Yoga is about feeling good about yourself and Pilates is about toning the body

So many people think Pilates and Yoga are the same but they are not. Pilates is about physical conditioning of the body using a Pilates machine .It focuses on core strength and lengthening of the body.

Yoga is about meditation and breathing techniques. You do find a lot of people combine both of these exercises and both are very popular.

Yoga is focused on breathing , meditation and how you feel about yourself and calming your mind and body at the same time. Yoga helps with many things and creates a sense of well being and calm. Meditation means to slow down and focus on the mind and that is what yoga concentrates on.

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Read Yoga Books For Wellness

Books have been considered as one of the best sources of knowledge in every possible field. Books can be a man’s best friend, when there are no mentors or teachers showing the right path. There are different types of books available in the market on topics like cookery, fashion, general knowledge and even yoga. Yoga, a scientifically proven method for controlling the heart, mind, and body, has become very popular. It is like a practical science, which not only treats various ailments in the human body, but also prepares it for leading a healthy life. Since it is difficult to have a trained yoga teacher’s supervision all the time, yoga books can be of great help due to their value and content. Read more

Yoga Tours & Retreat

A lot of people already know about Yoga, for people who don’t know yoga. Yoga is like an exercise that could make us Healthier. What people usually don’t know is, There are few sites or places that people usually visit for Yoga training, or maybe for holiday too. Read more

How to Design Yoga Sets from Yoga Poses

At the heart of personal yoga practice, regardless of whether it is Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga, lies yoga sets. The building block for these sets are, of course yoga poses and exercises, and how to put them together in order to design effective sets and routines is a key aspect of yoga as well. In this article I would like to give you six important guidelines on how to construct these sets. Read more

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is perhaps the only form of activity which massages all the internal glands and organs of the body in a thorough manner and including those – such as the prostate that hardly get externally stimulated during our entire lifetime. Yoga affects various body parts. This stimulation and massage of the organs in turn benefits us by keeping away disease and providing a forewarning at the first possible instance of a likely onset of disease or disorder. Read more

Yoga Benefits to your Body and Mind

Yoga is practiced by a lot of people. They all know that it is good for their body and mind, but do they know what is the real benefits of Yoga ?. There are a lot of benefits for practicing Yoga, in this article I will only covers few important benefits of Yoga.

First of all, the benefit is divided into two categories. Benefits for your Body and benefits for your mind.

Yoga Benefits for Your Body Read more

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