What Is Yoga And Is It Different From Pilates

Yoga Yoga is about feeling good about yourself and Pilates is about toning the body

So many people think Pilates and Yoga are the same but they are not. Pilates is about physical conditioning of the body using a Pilates machine .It focuses on core strength and lengthening of the body.

Yoga is about meditation and breathing techniques. You do find a lot of people combine both of these exercises and both are very popular.

Yoga is focused on breathing , meditation and how you feel about yourself and calming your mind and body at the same time. Yoga helps with many things and creates a sense of well being and calm. Meditation means to slow down and focus on the mind and that is what yoga concentrates on.

Emotionally, it allows you to work with the energy centres of your body to improve your emotional well-being. When you do Yoga you learn breathing control to improve your health and function of both body and mind. Breath is the main source of nourishment for all the cells of our bodies and is a technique we learn to do right in Yoga classes. When doing Yoga you hold the movements of your body with breathing control , Pilates you do not.

You do not burn any calories with yoga which is why this exercise is combined with Pilates and the benefits of both are amazing if you have time to do both.

Research has shown yoga can help with problems like anxiety, asthma , headaches and stress which many of us suffer from now and why Yoga has become very popular for stressed out individuals and is wonderful for stress management .

Yoga has so many benefits and until you try it you will not know how you feel about this exercise and I recommend trying it at home first. Yoga can take some time to learn and there are a lot of books and dvds out here so you can get an idea of the different movements involved before you join a class.

Yoga and Pilates are a great combination exercise routine.



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