Tips From The Trainer/Power Yoga

Meditation takes a backseat to pure strength in power yoga sessions, says
Annie Okerlin, owner of Tampa’s Yogani studio. Power yoga is a vigorous
high-energy workout that also incorporates yoga’s breath-centered

“It’s harnessing your inner power with your breath,” she says.

Okerlin, a certified Bikram yoga method instructor, teaches people of all
ages and abilities. Her Exalted Warrior Foundation provides yoga therapy
to wounded veterans at Tampa’s James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital and
Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.

This exercise focuses on developing core strength.


Lay down, knees bent, feet on the floor, hands folded behind the head.

Squeeze a block or book between the knees. Inhale to expand the belly.

Exhale and lift the upper body, pointing underarms up to the sky. Pull the
belly down.

Don’t use your hands to pull the neck.

Repeat as long as you are able.}



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