My yoga life

So I wake up and realized, once again, that I dreamt about yoga.  Last night it was all about my Dharma..  I dreamt that the people that are in my life now where people that have been in my life in past lives.  At lunch yesterday, I felt this strong vibration to the people that I was sharing space with.  I went on to tell them about Dharma and in doing so, the vibration felt even stronger. 

I am constantly wanting and seeking out that vibration.  Its like a really good drug!  The more I have it around the more energy I feel. 

I was brought up thinking that the life we were given is the only life we have.  That never settled well with me.  I never prescribed to it to the point of really believing in it.  But the idea that yesterday, today, and tomorrow will repeat itself forever and what I do today will effect everything in my tomorrows just feels true.  We are all just riding the wave of our vibration. } else {



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  1. semantic database on April 29th, 2008 12:38 pm

    I want you to tell me about your Dharma too!

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