In Search Of Energy

I have been really tired this week. Not sure if it is because my body is balancing out from all the energy I was building up to run a 5 K or if its because of something else. It might be because my job is really stressful and I have done little lately to destress myself. I stopped going to therapy, haven’t been to a bodypump or abs class in forever, and haven’t been regularly doing yoga. Even though I am in a yoga teachers training program I find that I’m not able to keep up with classes.. I keep telling myself that things will get better once the summer hits but I”m not sure. I think it boils down to patience. I want everything when I want it…. I want to speak fluent spanish (ha ha), get my RYT 200 teachers training certification, attend regular yoga classes, look good in a bathing suite, and… have time to make out with my adorable, sweet, funny boyfriend. I hope that my 30’s provide me with more time and energy because all the balls are up in the air and I’m like…. “oh Flippin Shit!”} else {



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