How your yoga practice can let you know how healthy your relationships are…

So yesterday I went over to my boyfriend’s casa and practiced yoga for 60 min. In the past, I have done yoga around previous significant others but last night was different. I realized how much progress I have made because of the difference I feel in this relationship. In the past, I have needed the OK from others to do what I wanted to do. Or I would not do what I wanted to do because I was too wrapped up in their needs. Part of me seeks out energy and approval from others…. Who doesn’t like getting the, “Oh you are so good at that!” or “It makes me so happy when you…” But yesterday was different. I stayed completely centered and focused on me. From my first tadasana to my final savasana I remained centered. I actually took savasana for longer than I have in the past while my boyfriend was sitting doing his work in the same room.

Now I could say that it has been my yoga practice that allowed me to become more comfortable being able to stay within myself or it is because I am with someone who appreciates me and supports me in doing things that make me happy. But I think that it was when both of these relationships came together I realized how much yoga affected my energy. If it wasn’t for yoga I don’t think I would have been ready to meet Mr. Page. I also feel that as much as yoga has influenced my well being, making me open to the right person, I think that the right person has influenced my yoga by taking away some of the some of the fear and making it safe to go deeper.

My dharma would give me a clue about what “this” but I never would have thought that the real thing would be so magical, peaceful, and beautiful as what is truly unfolding.


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  1. semantic database on May 7th, 2008 1:08 pm

    I like it when you practice yoga in my house. It shows you’re comfortable. I really like watching you practice yoga too as you are very inspiring.

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