Yoga set for seaside retreat

Australia’s biggest-ever yoga retreat, will be held at a seaside retreat
south of Sydney in October.

For both novices and seasoned yogis, the four-day Bootcamp for the Soul will
grace the Govinda Valley spiritual sanctuary, next to the Royal National
Park, from Octover 3-6.

Run by Power Living in Sydney, the yoga retreat will be led by Australian
yoga guru and Power Living founder Duncan Peak, an ex first grade footballer
and elite paratrooper who pioneered the athletic-style Power Yoga in
Australia in 2005.

It will feature the Australian debut of Acro Yoga – a combination of yoga
and acrobatics – as well as nutritional ayurvedic cuisine, an Indian-style
of cooking which includes meditation and blessings from the chefs to ensure
the food nourishes the mind, body and spirit.

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