Synergy Yoga, Encinitas

Synergy Yoga
960 Second Street, Suite 202
Encinitas, CA 92024

Tel: (760) 753-1828


Classes at the Synergy Yoga Center feature Synergy Yoga®, a systematic approach to Hatha yoga suitable for all levels of ability from beginning to advanced. This scientifically developed series of postures has been carefully selected from the thousands of existing yoga asanas to thoroughly and safely work every part of the body.

During each session the muscles are stretched in a naturally progressive sequence, with all major organs and systems of the body stimulated and strengthened. The comprehensive 90-minute classes are designed to be relaxing, refreshing and therapeutic. Following a traditional East Indian practice, the studio is heated to near body temperature, facilitating improved flexibility and a deeper stretch, as well as promoting a gradual detoxification of the tissues. To assist in cleansing the respiratory system, essential oils are dispensed into the already highly purified air of the studio. The overall effect of this therapeutic environment is both rejuvenating and calming.}



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