Mudita Yoga Center Grand Opening in September

Mudita Yoga Center, a yoga, wellness, and creative space, will be opening
for business in Kingston, NY on September 2008. The center is being
spearheaded by Kristina “yogafly” Lanuza and Shawn Harrison. Both founders
of Mudita Yoga Center previously studied the teachings of Guru, Shri
Brahmananda Sarasvati of Ananda Ashram, the Yoga Society of New York in
Monroe, where they worked and lived. They will be continuing the conveyance
of his teachings and philosophies in their new location.

Just 90 miles up the Hudson River from New York City, Kingston was formerly
the capital city of New York. Mudita Yoga Center will be located in the
downtown or “Roundout” district of Kingston, which is a renowned artist
community and features many museums, galleries, art, and jazz festivals as
well as heritage celebrations. “The Roundout” has been cited in many
publications including Business Week online as “America’s best place for

All activities at Mudita Yoga Center will revolve around Yoga. Drawing on
Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati philosophy that “Yoga is the holistic way of
life, …each of life’s activities when performed in a natural, harmonious
way unites the body, mind, and spirit; that is to say, to create perfect
balance is Yoga.” Mudita’s class schedule will reflect this broad definition
offering students classes that promote harmony and unity in daily life
including cooking, dance, art, music, writing, meditation, hatha yoga,
chanting, and the study of philosophy. Cultural events/performances and
regular workshops will also be offered in these areas. Wellness through
natural healing modalities such as energy medicine, massage, and nutrition
counseling will be available.

The Sanskrit meaning of Mudita is a state of being that is joy. Founders
Harrison and Lanuza intend to create a learning environment that cultivates
just this – offering a space for a community to develop inner and outer
unity through Yoga. “Our goal in opening a yoga, wellness, and creative
space is to help people find their ultimate state of joy and realize that is
what they are absolutely made of,” Lanuza confirms. Lanuza says it well in
her musical single, Joy, which was released this summer 2008.

Shawn and Kristina have joined productive forces many times before including
the creation of the month-long Ananda Ashram Teacher Training and a wealth
of yoga, meditation, and chanting retreats. Also, Kristina has written many
articles on yoga, body alignment, and healthy living. Kristina also sings
and chants in the Sanskrit language. Shawn was the director of the School of
Hatha Yoga at Ananda Ashram. She is also a nutrition counselor certified
through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

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Mudita Yoga Center
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