Local Studio Teams up with National Yoga Awareness Campaign to Promote Yoga

In celebration of Yoga Month 09.2008, CORE Pilates & Yoga is proud to be a
partner in spreading Yoga Month’s message of healthy holistic living. The
intention with Yoga Month is to inspire and motivate. It is time to create a
healthy lifestyle for ourselves, our children and family and community.

For decades, the 18 million plus Americans practicing yoga have reaped the
rewards of a healthy and vibrant life. Due to the health care epidemic
engulfing the nation, the yoga community is aligning proven holistic
techniques with traditional medical practices as it marches toward Yoga
Month 09.2008, a national awareness campaign to inspire a healthy and
informed lifestyle. Yoga has both preventive and therapeutic benefits for
the body and the mind. Some of the benefits include: improved flexibility
and muscle joint mobility; strengthening, toning, and building muscles;
increased stamina; improved digestion and elimination; decreased cholesterol
and blood sugar levels; refreshing the body by relieving muscle strain;
relaxing the mind and body; centering attention; and sharpened

CORE Pilates & Yoga is extending an invitation to the community in
September as a partner studio of National Yoga Month, featuring unique
workshops such as their exclusive Hello Toes!TM Children’s program (for
children from ages 6 weeks to 5 years), and beginner yoga. Yoga I and Yoga
II classes will be offered at a discounted rate throughout the entire month
of September. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Youth Health
Alliance, which provides free health education and enrichment activities to
underserved youth after school.

About CORE Pilates & Yoga
Conveniently located off the I-79 Wexford exit, CORE Pilates & Yoga’s
state-of-the-art 2,000 square foot studio offers a contemporary and
result-driven approach to personal fitness. Utilizing the core traditional
concepts of Pilates on the Reformer and yoga, sessions are done in a small
group or private setting and are customized to achieve the individual’s
personal needs, wants and goals. For additional information, please contact
Lara Garda at the studio 724-933-0500 or visit the website.
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