Joy Yoga, Encinitas

Joy Yoga
648 Hymettus Ave.
Encinitas, CA. 92024

Tel: 760-942-0270


The challenge in Yoga is not to perfect some difficult pose, create a perfect body or even to evolve or transcend into something wonderful. The challenge is to recognize that just as we are, here and now, is perfection and wonder itself. In the stillness of that recognition, which is beyond the mind’s comprehension, there is a sense of coming home, of belonging, of Presence that is peace, love and you.

Sometimes affectionately known as “No sweat” yoga, Joy Yoga emphasizes developing awareness of the deep, silent, omnipresent, stillness that never changes.

When posture, breathing, mudra, meditation and relaxation are practiced from the spaciousness of awareness, deeply held tensions are released, the body relaxes, mind quiets, emotions subside, spine is freed, the whole body breathes, and limitless unfolding becomes possible.