Color Me Yoga 200-hour Yoga School

Color Me Yoga 200-hour School is exclusively devoted to children’s yoga.
This is one of the first 200-hour trainings in the world.

Bring the gift of yoga to all children everywhere. Color Me YogaR embraces
the Beauty, Joy, and Embodied Aliveness inherent in children. We offer
trainings and professional level certification at the 200-hour level in the
sacred arts of Yoga and Dance for Children. At Color Me YogaR, we believe in
nurturing children’s body-soul wisdom through all aspects of Yoga.

From January 2009, avail of the yoga class for one weekend per month for one
year, or three weeks of yoga at Peace Groove and Happiness Children’s Yoga
Studio, Georgetown, MA. Ten percent of all proceeds will go to Doctors
without Borders. Visit for more information.}