Austin’s Free Day of Yoga

Swarms of football fans, bat watchers and racing humans will be filling the streets of Austin this holiday weekend, making Monday’s Free Day of Yoga the perfect end to a fun but frazzling couple of days. Yoga studios (as well as parks, gyms, church meeting rooms, and more) will open their doors from dawn until dusk, offering classes of all style and skill level to anyone who’s interested.

Hard core yogis find this day – which has been held every year since ’99 – a good way to meet new teachers and experience the vibes of a different studio. Newbies are warmly welcomed, however; you don’t have to know Ashtanga from Bikram to take a look at the lengthy schedule and pick a session that makes you want to put on your stretchy pants.

Past years have been pretty crowded, so if you’re excited about a certain class it’s recommended that you arrive early to find a spot. Other than that, just bring bare feet, a mat or towel and the desire to turn your gaze inward; it’s easy to feel intimidated by Austin’s robust population of regular yoga practitioners, but seriously, those ageless wonders aren’t critiquing your novice downward dog.

Finishing off a weekend of debauchery with a full-body cleanse is a wise decision, indeed. It may be difficult to tear yourself away from the pool on Monday, but nothing counterbalances the bittersweet/lazy feeling of late summer better than a post-yoga high. And remember, there’s no moolah involved. Who doesn’t like finding their Zen for free?document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);